Salumificio Santoro

Our production

Our production of sausages is totally handmade; it is an expression of the local tradition, made of wise and experienced hands that pursue quality and harmony of taste. The main production is concentrated in wintertime because that is when the climate, with its breeze and the wind “Mistral”, is the one required to work the meats in the traditional way and according to the known art of the charcuterie of this territory. Finally, in our wide and original building you can find the ideal microclimate that, together with the time, contribute to make our sausages unique.

All meats have some common features which characterize our production. In addition to the high quality of the raw materials, which makes them healthy, genuine and original, there are two factors that indissolubly connect these products to the territory they were born; the first is the use of “vino cotto”, literally cooked wine, to marinate the meats. This non-alcoholic wine is made of cooked must of Verdeca grapes, a typical grape of the region. The second important factor is use of bark of Macedonian oaks, a type of oak that can be found almost exclusively in the Valle d’Itria.